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NYCC 14: Midtown Comics Reveals A Slew Of Exclusive Variants

NYCC 14: Midtown Comics Reveals A Slew Of Exclusive Variants

Midtown Comics is quite possibly the biggest comic shop in the country. I don’t have the numbers, but considering they get tons of exclusive covers each month it’s hard to argue with the data. They have not one, but five exclusive variants coming up and I believe all of these titles are out next week just in time for NYCC. I’ll probably make a trip to the shop, but I won’t be buying variants.

Sabrina #1


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Review: Grimm Tales of Terror #4

Review: Grimm Tales of Terror #4 via reviewer @TheInfoZombie

A corner drug dealer peddles his wares when a familiar blond temptress appears.  The crimson-topped lady recants a tale to Mo, the dealer, about a plague-ravaged world.

Grimm-Tales-of-Terror-#4-10.1.14A man searches the wreckage for help for his family.  His son catches the plague, known as ‘The Red’ yet the father remains immune.  His pregnant wife dies of the plague but births a daughter with the same resistance as her father.

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Review: Dream Thief: Escape #4

Review: Dream Thief: Escape #4 via reviewer @StevilEmpire

With its fourth issue, we’ve finally come to the end of Dream Thief’s second volume, “Escape,” and  in terms of what this second series was trying to accomplish, it has all the closure you would want. At least, it does so in its major storyline, following human ghost receptacle John Lincoln in his bid to free his father and fellow Dream Thief’s soul, which, after his murder (that we get to see at…

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Review: Blood Queen #5

Review: Blood Queen #5 via reviewer @TheInfoZombie

BloodQueen-05-Cov-AnacletoElizabeth, Sara, and Helena investigate a barren field when one of the local farmers suggests that the women may find answers in a local monastery.  Ferenc, meanwhile, suspects a dark magic spreading throughout the kingdom.  As the three ladies reach the monastery, they discover the abbot to be ill.  His illness has connections to Leona/Winnifred.  As Elizabeth questions the frail old man, she…

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Review: Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Halloween Special

Review: Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Halloween Special via reviewer Jeff Butler

Moo hoo ha ha…it’s that time of year again. These trees better start shedding some orange leaves before I start spray painting them and knocking them down with a weedwhacker. I don’t get uncontrollably geeky about many things anymore, but Halloween is one of them, a double whammy of sudden genre content everywhere and the weather changing to habitable for those of us who like nice coats more than…

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Review: Nailbiter #6

Review: Nailbiter #6 via reviewer @SamanthaRoehrig

What I love so much about this comic is Warren. I even love Warren and Crane’s relationship. Although very odd, it seems like these two have a crazy history and may have even dated. Now I don’t think these two will ever date again or even flirt for that matter. Crane has more sense than getting mixed up with Warren. She isn’t the obsessed with serial killer type. It would be just creepy, but…

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Review: Critical Hit #1

Review: Critical Hit #1 via reviewer @EnterTheHero — @MattMinerXVX @gadgetwk @blackmaskstudio

Critical Hit picks up where last year’s Liberator and Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocentsleft off. We find Jeanette and Sarah as they’re moving in on a hunting compound. They’re bashing in cars and eventually they light the place on fire. The beauty of the scene comes from Jeanette’s narration which is all about her father. It’s interesting because it evolves her character by revealing…

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Review: Li’l Depressed Boy Vol. 2 #1

Review: Li’l Depressed Boy Vol. 2 #1 via reviewer @theinfozombie — @Struble @SinaGrace @ImageComics

I haven’t gotten a story from LDB since April when he dealt with the burgeoning affair with his boss at the theater and the implications with Toby and Carl.

LilDepressedBoyV2_01_CoverWe pick up in volume two after Toby swung on LDB.  Moving forward with their relationship, LDB and Spike go to see one of Drew’s stand-up performances.  Out of nowhere Jazz appears.  Bad feelings arise in LDB as he struggles to cope with the…

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Review: The Woods #6

Review: The Woods #6 via reviewer @EnterTheHero — @theWoodenKing @JamesTheFourth @boomstudios

The focus of the second arc of The Woods has revealed its focus and made for some great storytelling. It’s clear at this point that the arc will focus on a single character per an issue and develop that character. With the first arc ending after four issues we’ll just have to wait and see if all of the characters are covered this arc, but one thing is clear… you will have a new favorite character…

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It’s About Insanity: An Interview With Paul Tobin About Colder: Bad Seed

It’s About Insanity: An Interview With Paul Tobin About Colder: Bad Seed — @PaulTobin @DarkHorseComics

For those of you that haven’t checked out the first volume of Colder from Dark Horse you need to. It was a series we covered in single issues and the trade, we just couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful creation from Paul Tobin and artist Juan Ferreyra. The next chapter of the series is coming out on October 22nd from Dark Horse which gave me the opportunity to talk to Paul about next volume 

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Review: The Fade Out #2

Review: The Fade Out #2 via reviewer @SamanthaRoehrig — @brubaker @seanpphillips

I was impressed with how well the first issue of The Fade Out came across. After the success of Fatale with Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, I thought their next story may not live up to such an intense story. But I have to say that my love for Fatale has faded over into this new series. It was just as intense and highly engaging.

We met up with Charlie, a screenwriter, who after a wild party has…

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Review: God Hates Astronauts #2

Review: God Hates Astronauts #2 via reviewer @TheAbominableDr — @RyanBrowneArt @ImageComics

God Hates Astronauts issue 2 is every bit the madcap follow-up to the first issue that we’ve all hoped for, nay, prayed for. There are more crab attackers from Crabulon, there’s Doctor Professor with a 70’s mustache AND a full-on crazy person beard, there’s a super powered baby, and there’s the triumphant return of the Anti-Mugger.

It is everything I prayed for and more.

I’m not going to try to…

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Review: The Power of Tank Girl

Review: The Power of Tank Girl via reviewer @EnterTheHero — @RUFUS_DAYGLO @ashleywood3a @ComicsTitan

I don’t have a lot of experience with Tank Girl. It’s a character I’ve always liked since first discovering her in Wizard Magazine, back in the print publication’s prime. From there I became a fan of the movie and yes it is a pretty bad movie, but you know what… I don’t care. I still like that movie. It was probably the awkward boner I got seeing Jet Girl, who I believe was just reduced to “Jet”…

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Review: Edgar Allan Poe’s Spirits of the Dead

Review: Edgar Allan Poe’s Spirits of the Dead via reviewer @TheInfoZombie — @DarkHorseComics

In the intro to this beautifully illustrated adaptation of Poe’s poem, M. Thomas Inge comments that “Everything in a [Richard] Corben page is functional, and that there are no empty artistic gestures to fill space.  Every image… contributes to an aesthetic experience that is profound and disturbing” (10).  No better words describe the expertly illustrated haunting tales that sprang from the…

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